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About the Tamim Family

Meet Tammam Tamim and his wife Abir Ramdan Tamim, their eldest son Mohammad Haydar Tamim and younger son Hamza Tamim who are a resettled refugee family currently living in Palmerston North.

The Tamim family is originally of Palestinian descent. Tammam’s grandparents fled Palestine in 1947 due to the war and settled in Syria.

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1978, Tammam led a normal life. A graduate of Law and Business Administration he successfully owned three businesses. But Tamim’s life was turned upside down when war broke out in Syria. They knew it was no longer safe and had to leave.

Follow the Tamim family's extraordinary journey as they face dangers of jail, bribery and hostage situations as they flee war torn Syria and seek safety in a new country. This journey will be 1,000kms (that's over 30kms a day) so you may want to form a team of four to six adults – ideal for corporates, schools, families, friends, flatmates.

Tamim Family's Journey

1 month

1,000 kms

1,200,000 steps

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