Fiona Sawers

Following Mirza and Asma's journey

My Activity Tracking


My target 96kms


Big finish with 10plus k... wondering around st Albans and London...

England's green and pleasant land

Had an amazing coastal walk today...check out the picture 

Anyone for croquet?

Well, I must be in England...getting some steps in walking round the croquet pitch!

The longest day in Red Cross Journey

I'd dare to say, that given I left Auckland at 130am on Friday the 25th, and arrived in Devon UK at 11.45pm on Friday 25th...I'd dare to say I had the longest day of anyone...something like a 32 hour day! Even with all that plane travel I managed over 6000 steps!!

I did wonder how long the days must feel for those who have to flee their home country for good,how tired they must be...

Christchurch to Auckland

The simple act of travel..from departing the house in chch to arriving at the departure lounge in Akl was over 4000 steps!!!

I'll reset for on the plane as technically it's tomorrow now!!!


The last two days have been crackers, am prioritising a run/walk after work tomorrow!


Well, I went for a run and measured my steps (excluding my run and warm down walk)....not to mention that I walked instead of drove to the car...think it equates to about 8k all up....I'll sleep well tonight!!!

Modern jive

Even after my 4k lunch walk, I went dancing...and danced almost solidly for 2.5 feet ache some now though!!! 1500 steps is very conservative!!

Day one # RCJ

Day one and a few of us from the office leapt out at lunch for a 4k around Hagley Park...may have stopped for a silly photo in the mix...!

Hello friends and family!

I have joined Red Cross Journey because I am inspired by the good work of New Zealand Red Cross. From 8-31 May I will be counting my daily steps to reach my 4k/day 100k all up target. As I reach milestones in this step challenge, I will get updates on the real journey of Mirza and Asma’s family, a refugee background family whose journey includes surviving multiple gunshot wounds, fleeing Pakistan and even losing a daughter, before settling in New Zealand. The more I walk, the more of their real journey will be revealed to me.

Please support me in this challenge by making a secure donation to my fundraising page. Donate now and you too can support New Zealand Red Cross to help vulnerable people at home and overseas.

When you help me to raise money for New Zealand Red Cross, you’re contributing to the Red Cross response to disasters like the November 2016 earthquake, to community development programmes, support for former refugees, community transport, teaching life-saving skills to children, delivering Meals on Wheels and much more.

Thank you in advance for your generosity so, together we can help Red Cross support people in need in New Zealand and overseas.

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Good luck with the challenge


Lincoln Baty

Well done Fi!!!


Clive Adkins

Good luck from Joani and Clive


Johanna Wilson

Keep going!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Pam King

You are off to a great start. 111km's no sweat! Proud of what you are doing and achieving. Well done.


Clive Sawers

Great stuff Keep going! Dad x


Valerie Reeve

Well done Fi! Keep it up. It was so good to finally meet you I the uk LoveVal x



On behalf of Mags - Thanks Mags for sponsoring me :-)


Carol Campbell

Happy walking





Steve Stewart

Great work, Fi! :-)