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Hello friends and family!

I have joined Red Cross Journey because I am inspired by the good work of New Zealand Red Cross. From 8-31 May I will be counting my daily steps to reach my step target. As I reach milestones in my step challenge, I’ll get updates on the real journey of Carma, a Red Cross member volunteering in her community. Coming from Hawke’s Bay, Carma started selling pre-loved items in a Red Cross Shop, but she quickly developed a passion for the entire work of Red Cross and its principles – so much so that she joined her local Disaster Welfare and Support Team, one of Red Cross’ most demanding roles!

Please support me in this challenge by making a secure donation to my fundraising page. Donate now and you too can support New Zealand Red Cross to help vulnerable people at home and overseas.

When you help me to raise money for New Zealand Red Cross, you’re contributing to the Red Cross response to disasters like the November 2016 earthquake, to community development programmes, support for former refugees, community transport, teaching life-saving skills to children, delivering Meals on Wheels and much more.

Thank you in advance for your generosity so, together we can help Red Cross support people in need in New Zealand and overseas.

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