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Support me on my Red Cross Journey challenge!

Kia ora friends and wh?nau!

So… believe it or not, I have somehow committed myself to the Red Cross Journey challenge, and I need your help!

As you may already know, New Zealand Red Cross are legends – they provide relief to Kiwis affected by disaster, deploy specialist delegates overseas, and help former refugee families settle here in Aotearoa. So, you can feel super proud about donating $20 to help Red Cross (and help me reach my goal!).

By donating to my Red Cross Journey page, you will help to make a difference to people affected by conflict and disaster – here at home and overseas. Your donation today will help families and communities caught in a crisis. Whether by providing aid when disaster strikes, supporting vulnerable people in our communities, reuniting loved ones, or giving a warm Kiwi welcome to former refugees, your donation goes to where the need is greatest, helping the people who need it most.

Convinced? High five! Simply donate $20 (or more!) because you love me (and New Zealand Red Cross).

I have done 3,332 km

Thank you to my Sponsors




Lloyd Bunyan

Great work Josh!


Noel And Clare Burr

Keep it up, mate, you inspire us all!



Nice work!


Marie&heiko Duensing

Keep it up Josh, what a great cause!


Support Team Skeates

Love your work Josh, great cause. You got this 💪🏼


Tony & Lesley Murphy


Hansen Family



Happy running Josh and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY also for the 27/06/21


Luke Wilson

All the best Josh hope it goes well for yah. Massive Journey ahead...


Joshua Reynolds


Adam Finch

Good luck Josh, awesome effort and a great cause.


Chris Johnston


Joshua Reynolds