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My target 160 kms

Nearly there

Penultimate day of the challenge. Being the data geek that I am I calculated my daily averages: 12,336 steps mean, 12,194 median, and only one below 10,000; 8,808 on 14th September, when I had a full-day classroom course.

It's been fun trying to get walking into my daily routine - something I intend to try and keep up - and I've been blessed with reasonable weather the whole time which has helped. 

Day One: Getting going early

Dear Diary...

Today I was at the DWST Team Leaders' Hui in Upper Hutt. Concerned that my day would be filled with sitting - sessions, travel, etc - I got in a 45-minute walk (and 6k steps) before breakfast. It was a gorgeous morning, chilly and still and sunny, and definitely worth the effort.

Here's hoping I can keep up the level of activity: nearly 14k steps today.

A virtual tin-rattle...

Kia ora

So… believe it or not I have somehow committed myself to a step challenge. Yes! That’s right. I’ll be walking at least 7,500 steps a day for 21 days in September because of my aroha for New Zealand Red Cross and the amazing things they do.

I need your help!

As you may already know, New Zealand Red Cross are legends – they provide relief to Kiwis affected by disaster, deploy specialist delegates overseas, and help former refugee families settle here in Aotearoa. So, you can feel super proud about donating $20 to help Red Cross (and help me reach my goal!).

By donating to Red Cross Journey, you will help to make a difference in the community. You will be helping…

  • Our disaster response teams support people affected by events such as Christchurch in the March 15 attacks; Nelson during the devastating fires; and Christchurch after that frightening gas explosion just the other week.
  • Settle former refugees into life in New Zealand.
  • People get Meals on Wheels delivered to their door and taken to medical appointments.
  • Our highly-skilled international delegates work in areas of conflict and disaster around the world.

Red Cross does so much in New Zealand and overseas, thanks to people like you. 

Not only will I be getting fit (and potentially obsessed with my step count!) during this step challenge, I’ll be learning about the incredible real-life journey of Donna, a Red Cross nurse who has worked all over the world to help people affected by conflict and disaster. She has seen immense pain and suffering, but also joy in the people she has helped along her journey.

The more I step, the more I’ll learn about Donna’s journey – great idea huh?? This is a step challenge with a difference.

Convinced? High five! Simply donate $20 (or more!) because you love me (and New Zealand Red Cross).



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Matt Poole


Peter Van Raalte

Proud of you Matt


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You are totally awesome.


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Love and congratulations from us


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Happy birthday and you got this!



You do great work Matt. Truly give of your time and yourself.


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Anything to avoid the middle age spread! Well done that man :)


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Very honoured to be serving alongside you Matt!


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Good on you mate


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Well done Matt! Happy to support you and the wider team


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Good Work Matt!! We are with you!



Good on ya buddy! Better late than never hey?


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Amazing initiative to help those who need it most. Hope daylight savings makes it a bit easier to squeeze the steps in :)


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Looking forward to watching you marching in place at your desk!


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Great cause.