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Walking from Damascus - Beirut

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My target 145 kms

Day 1

To kick off my NZ Red Cross Journey, I decided to run my 2nd Half Marathon!

Proudly achieved  one of my yearly fitness goals by completing my second half this year. It has been seven months since I had started my running journey. I will continue to train and actively make the most of every opportunity I get to make a difference and live for a greater cause. 

Completed 1/7 of this journey and staying HARD!

Support me on my 150km Red Cross Journey challenge!

Kia ora family and friends! 

2021 marks the tenth year of the Syrian Crisis. Families have been impacted by violence, displacement, severed family ties and lack of access to basic services such as clean water, healthcare and education, caused by the ongoing conflict. 

So for 6 weeks till end of July, I have committed myself to the Red Cross Journey challenge of running 150km, to cover a distance matching a journey that many refugees have taken from Damascus, Syria to Beirut, Lebanon. I need your help!

As you may already know, New Zealand Red Cross are legends – they provide relief to Kiwis affected by disaster, deploy specialist delegates overseas, and help former refugee families settle here in Aotearoa. So, you can feel super proud about donating any amount to help Red Cross (and help me reach my goal!).

By donating to my Red Cross Journey page, you will help to make a difference to people affected by conflict and disaster – here in NZ and overseas. Your donation today will help families and communities caught in a crisis. Whether by providing aid when disaster strikes, supporting vulnerable people in our communities, reuniting loved ones, or giving a warm Kiwi welcome to former refugees, your donation goes to where the need is greatest, helping the people who need it most.

Simply donate any amount to support me and Red Cross, and with your donation we can give these families a better hope for their future

I have done 165 km

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bernard Ronquillo



You can do it! and don't run too late at night -Big sis



Goodluck and keep safe running 😊


Nica San Sebastian