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Personal Best + Giving 100%

We're nearing the end of Red Cross Journey and I'll admit, I've been a bit disappointed with myself at times. I had these grand expectations and plans that I would go for a walk (around the beautiful Panmure basin near my house) every evening and not come home until I reached 10,000 steps. 

In reality, life is a bit harder to manage! With various other commitments, sitting at a desk all day, an injury and a couple of days of illness, it hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be to hit 10,000 every day. Each day as I went to bed and saw on my fitbit that I hadn't even come close to 10,000, I scolded myself silently. But you know what? Some days are harder than others, some days are busier than others and that's okay. Each day, giving this challenge 100% has looked different, and I'm okay with that.

I did, however, reach a personal best yesterday. I'm not even really sure how it happened, just a bit more walking around the office, a meeting in the city, and another trip to my local mall and BAM! 13,774 steps! 

I was so proud of that for reaching that number, but then received another update about the Wais family and their journey to NZ. And then I realised, that this challenge is only a little bit about walking 10,000 steps a day. Mostly, it's about learning more about the experience of former refugees, raising awareness about these issues, and raising funds to support the awesome work that NZ Red Cross does to help former refugees. That's what really matters. And, as a bonus, this challenge is making me think more about making sure I move more every day to keep myself fit, active and healthy. 

So, thank you for your support and donations so far! I really appreciate every one of you who has helped me on my Red Cross Journey. :)

1 week in

Red Cross Journey so far has been a bit of a challenge for me! With a super busy work week that didn't leave much time for the leisurely walks in nature I'd imagined for my Red Cross Journey, I didn't manage to hit 10,000 much last week. 

But with a new mindset for the new week, I hit the gym on Sunday evening and did a combo of cycling and treadmill walking and managed to reach 10,187 (while reading my book = multitasking!). So, I plan to try to do that most evenings this week and we'll see how I get on! If only I could go shopping to Sylvia Park every day like I did on that wonderful first day of Red Cross Journey, I'd be sure to reach my goal if I did that - but what an expensive way to reach my goal....

Thank you all for your support so far, I've been super interested to learn more about the Wais family's journey and it's awesome knowing that your donations will help other former refugee families as they settle in Aotearoa!

This week is Te Wiki o Te Reo M?ori, I wonder if I can find myself some Te Reo M?ori lesson podcasts to listen to as I walk?


I have joined Red Cross Journey!


Kia ora friends and whanau!

So… believe it or not I have somehow committed myself to a step challenge. Yes! That’s right. I’ll be walking 10,000 steps a day for 21 days in September because of my aroha for New Zealand Red Cross and the amazing things they do.

I need your help!

As you may already know, New Zealand Red Cross are legends – they provide relief to Kiwis affected by disasters, deploy specialist delegates overseas, and help former refugee families settle here in Aotearoa. So, you can feel super proud about donating $20 to help Red Cross (and help me reach my goal!).

By donating to Red Cross Journey, you will help to make a difference in the community. You will be helping…

  • Our disaster response teams support people affected by events such as Christchurch in the March 15 attacks; Nelson during the devastating fires; and Christchurch after that frightening gas explosion just the other week.
  • Settle former refugees into life in New Zealand.
  • People get Meals on Wheels delivered to their door and taken to medical appointments.
  • Our highly-skilled international delegates work in areas of conflict and disaster around the world.

Red Cross does so much in New Zealand and overseas, thanks to people like you. 

Not only will I be getting fit (and potentially obsessed with my step count!) during this step challenge, I’ll be learning about the incredible real-life journey of the Wais Family, who were affected by the war in Syria during the early days of the conflict. As the fighting reached the Syrian capital, it was no longer safe for the family. Soad and Mahmoud had no other choice but to flee their beloved country, leaving their whole life and family behind.

The more I step, the more I’ll learn about the Wais family's journey – great idea huh?? This is a step challenge with a difference.

Convinced? High five! Simply donate $20 (or whatever you can) because you love me (and New Zealand Red Cross).



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