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Support me on my Red Cross Journey challenge!

Kia ora friends and wh?nau! 

So… believe it or not, I have somehow committed myself to a fitness challenge! 

Yes! That’s right. I have embarked on my Red Cross Journey, and over 6 weeks I will match the distance of my chosen journey by exercising.  

We need your help. 

As you may already know, New Zealand Red Cross are legends – they provide relief to Kiwis affected by disaster, deploy aid workers overseas, and help former refugee families settle here in Aotearoa. So, you can feel super proud about donating $20 to help Red Cross (and help me reach my goal!).  

By donating to Red Cross Journey, you will help to make a difference in our community and around the world. You will be helping… 

  • The delivery of over 660,000 nutritious meals every year to some of our most isolated and vulnerable Kiwis. Providing a warm meal and a friendly hello makes a world of difference for people who have a disability or ongoing health problems and have difficulty preparing a meal for themselves.
  • Settle former refugees into life in New Zealand, ensuring families have all the tools and support they need to navigate their new lives after escaping fear, conflict and persecution. Whether it’s getting access to local services like the dentist, doctor, or supermarket, or finding employment, New Zealand Red Cross is there. 
  • Whether it involves delivering psychosocial first aid to a community caught in an emergency or providing essential items like beds, blankets, or food, it is crucial that our teams are not only fully trained but also fully equipped to lend a helping hand whenever disaster strikes.

Red Cross does so much in New Zealand and overseas, thanks to people like you. 

Not only will I be getting fit during this challenge, but I’ll be also learning about the incredible real-life journey that many refugees have taken. The further I travel, the more I’ll learn about their journey – great idea huh?? This is a fitness challenge with a difference. 

Convinced? High five! Simply donate $20 (or more!) to support me/my team on our journey (and New Zealand Red Cross).  

I have done 50 km

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tanya Southgate



You go girl! Such an important and worthy organisation.


David Southgate


Anissa Bain

Because I still love you, miss you, and acknowledge I am a rubbish friend who continually lets life get in the way xx


Jackie Frizelle

Good on you Tanya!!


Bridget Cooksley

Well done you & im happy to be your walking buddy 😊 (Assume we get to have wine or coffee at the end!)


Wee Gee Xx

Target now met beautiful. Love you xxxx


Mark And Jules

You go girl !! Xx


Mia Southgate


Ian And Janet

Good on you !🤗


Tina Wood

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to donate to the great organisation.


Lisa Smith

Yay you!


Mel Seyfort

Nice one Tanz! Go you ❤️


Brenda Wallace

Go Tanz!!


Paul S



Nice one Tanya - you go girl.


Tanya Southgate