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Are you doing Red Cross Journey with your school?
Here is everything you need to know!

How do I register my school class/group?

 If you are a team of six or less, even if you are at school, you join as a ‘team’.

 If you are joining as a school group or class of more than six members, you join as a ‘school’.

 If you are a student or teacher joining Red Cross Journey on your own (without your school mates), you join as an ‘individual’.

Step by Step

Step 1

Assign a team captain - one person responsible to register the school to Red Cross Journey (a teacher or a student). Check to see if any other group from your school has registered a school page before creating another one – so we avoid any double up!

Step 2

The team captain will create your school team page here. This will enable classrooms belonging to the same school to all join Red Cross Journey under one school team and fundraise towards the same goal.

Step 3

During the registration process, the team captain will also be able to create an individual page for one classroom belonging to the school.

Step 4

Once your school is signed up, nominate one teacher/student per classroom to register their own classroom. All students belonging to that classroom will use the same page to raise funds and enter their steps. Students signing up with a school do not have their own personal fundraising page.

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For more information download the School Resource document here.