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Need some fundraising inspiration? This page will have everything you need to be a great fundraiser!

Red Cross Journey FAQs

What is Red Cross Journey?

Red Cross Journey is a step-challenge fundraiser to raise vital funds for people in need. Our participants walk 10,000 steps a day 1-21 September, and ask people they know to sponsor them for their efforts. During their step-challenge, they will follow the real journey of a Red Cross person to motivate them along the way. It is free to join Red Cross Journey.

How do I count my steps? 

You can count your steps using Fitbit, Map My Fitness, Strava or even an old-school pedometer! Go to ‘Your Steps’ page for information on how to count and track your steps.

How far do I have to walk?

10,000 steps per day is the recommended distance to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is about 8kms. Every step you take, during the day or night, can be counted (walking to the supermarket, walking to work, walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift). Check out ‘Your Steps’ page for more ideas!

I am unable to walk; can I count my steps differently? 

Red Cross Journey is for everyone. We help everyone and anyone can join the Red Cross whanau to help others. Red Cross Journey is accessible to all.
For those less able to walk or run, you can do the distance in the usual way you get around. Check out how Matt participated in Red Cross Journey, in his own way. Please contact us at journey@redcross.org.nz
for more information.

How do I fundraise?

While you take on the challenge of walking 10,000 steps per day, ask your friends, whanau and colleagues to sponsor you. You can ask people face-to-face, via social media, email and even organise your own fundraising event! Remember to keep everyone updated on how you are going, and thank them for their support. See below for 4 easy tips to start you off!

Can I join the journey in a team?

Absolutely! You can create a team with your friends, whanau or colleagues. It is a great opportunity for team building in the workplace and we have a corporate pack especially designed for work teams.

How can a school get involved? 

We highly encourage schools to sign up to this inspiring fundraising step-challenge with a difference. Your school will learn about global and local events, and get to know real people who have been affected by disaster or conflict. It’s free to join – all you need is a team captain to sign up your team (teacher or student). A curriculum-friendly pack has been created just for school teams, complete with discussion exercises, pop quizzes and essay questions. Your school will learn about the global migration crisis while following a real journey of refugee-background Kiwis now living in Aotearoa New Zealand. Get in touch to arrange a Red Cross representative to speak at your school during Red Cross Journey to answer any questions about the global migration crisis and the work of Red Cross.

How do I find out about a Red Cross person coming to talk to my team (at work or school)?

Please get in touch journey@redcross.org.nz or 0800 733 27677 (RED CROSS)

What do I do if my app isn’t connecting to my profile page? 

If you have issues syncing your app, try logging out and reconnecting. For Fitbit users, make sure you ‘start’ an activity on your phone app (not your wearable device) and save it. Your daily steps on your wearable device will not automatically add to your page, unless you start the activity on the app first. For more technical tips go to Your Steps page.

How do I start with fundraising?

As an online fundraising event, you can ask your friends, whanau and colleagues to sponsor you by sharing your fundraising profile page. Here are your first four tips to be an awesome fundraiser:

Tip #1: Get ready - stand out from the crowd and update your fundraising page with a good quality photo

Tip #2: Lead the way - be the first to donate to yourself  

Tip #3: Spread the word - share your page through word of mouth, social media, email or phone

Tip #4: Share Red Cross Journey on social media. You can also include our hashtag #redcrossjourney

Download any of the assets below to encourage your colleagues, classmates, friends and whanau to join the journey! 

School flyer

School flyer

Corporate flyer

Corporate flyer

Promotional poster

Promotional poster




How do I increase my fundraising? 

There are so many creative and fun ways you can fundraise.  Here is some inspiration to get you started!

  • Organise a sale or an auction
    Sell art, plants, baked goods, crafts, vouchers. Coordinate a garage sale, or sausage sizzle, the list is endless!
  • Host a morning or afternoon tea
    Share your journey updates with your colleagues over a coffee. You can tell them about the hard work that Donna does, or the resilience the Wais family has shown through the situations they’ve experienced.
  • Organise a raffle
    Ask local businesses to donate prizes and sell raffle tickets.
  • Team building
    Turn your fundraiser into a fun team building activity! An obstacle course, scavenger hunt or even a group run/gym session.
  • Skill sharing
    Teach a workout class, music lessons or cooking class.
  • Staffroom donation
    Place a jar in your staffroom with a message about what they’re donating to. Don’t forget to put up a poster in your office.

Feeling competitive? Suggest to colleagues that they take on the challenge themselves. Some healthy competition within the workplace is a great way to get motivated. Download the step count tracking sheet that you can put up on the wall!