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Red Cross Journey FAQs

What is Red Cross Journey?

Red Cross Journey is a fun event where you will learn about the stories of real people who have embarked on their own refugee journey.  You can choose a distance that suits you, based on your ability and activity of choice. You will receive heart-wrenching stories of refugees as you go to keep you motivated. As you take part in your challenge, ask people to sponsor you to get to your fundraising goal. Joining Red Cross Journey is a way that you can learn about real refugee journeys and raise vital funds for New Zealand Red Cross.

Which journey should I choose?

The best distance for you will depend on a few things. Are you participating as in an individual or a team? The 80kms and 145kms is achievable for an individual to complete in the 4-6-week timeframe. This works out at a 3km or 5km daily average over four weeks. Will your main activity be running or biking? The bigger distances are better suited to teams or avid cyclists. Are you choosing to count all your activities (for example counting housework, or gardening, or all your steps on a Fitbit) or just one activity? If you are collecting all of your kilometres by using our kilometre conversion chart, then you may need to opt for a bigger distance.

How do I collect my kilometers? 

You can collect your kilometres through an activity of choice – walking, running, cycling, swimming, skating, gardening, tai chi, housework or even washing the car! Use your Fitbit or fitness app of your choice to keep track of your steps. If you are completing activities that can't be counted like this, use our kilometre conversion tool that will tell you how your activity translates into collected kilometres. Please download our guide below on how to add your fitness activity to your page.

When is Red Cross Journey?

Red Cross Journey launches 17 June and will be open until 31 July. Depending on when you sign up, you will have 4-6 weeks to reach your goal. You can go at your own pace to complete your challenge, and we will be here every step of the way to support you!

I am unable to walk - how do I take part?

Red Cross Journey is for everyone. We help everyone and anyone can join the Red Cross whanau to help others. Red Cross Journey is accessible to all. For those less able to walk or run, you can do the distance in the usual way you get around. Check out how Matt participated in Red Cross Journey, in his own way. Please contact us at journey@redcross.org.nz for more information.

How do I fundraise? 

While you take on the challenge, ask your friends and family to sponsor you. You can ask people face-to-face, via social media, email and even organise your own fundraising event! Remember to keep everyone updated on how you are going by sharing photos on social media, and thank them for their support once they have donated. See below for four easy tips to start you off!

Can I join as a team with my friends? 

Absolutely! You can create a team with your friends, whanau or colleagues. It is a great opportunity for team building in the workplace and we have a corporate pack especially designed for work teams. If you are a school group, please get in touch directly with us at Journey@redcross.org.nz

How can a school get involved? 

We strongly encourage schools to sign up. Your school will learn about global events, and get to know some of the people who have been affected by disaster or conflict. It’s free to join for school groups – all you need is a team captain to sign up your team (teacher or student). A curriculum-friendly pack has been created just for school teams, complete with discussion exercises, pop quizzes and essay questions. Your school will learn about the global migration crisis while following a virtual journey. Through stories, videos, exercises and discussions, students will develop a better understanding of the experience of refugee-background Kiwis who have been forced to flee to find safety. Get in touch to arrange a Red Cross representative to speak at your school during Red Cross Journey to answer any questions about the global migration crisis and the work of Red Cross. Contact journey@redcros.org.nz to get your school discount code.

How do I find out about a Red Cross person coming to talk to my team (at work or school)?

We would love to come and speak to your team about Red Cross Journey and the work that we do here at home in Aotearoa and overseas. Please get in touch journey@redcross.org.nz to see if we have a team near you!

What do I do if my fitness app isn’t connecting to my profile page? 

If you have issues syncing your app, try logging out and reconnecting. For Fitbit users, make sure you ‘start’ an activity on your phone app (not your wearable device) and save it. Your activities on your wearable device will not automatically add to your page, unless you start the activity on the app first. If you have any questions throughout the campaign, please get in touch journey@redcross.org.nz.

Helpful resources will be uploaded here!

Download the guide below to help you set up your fitness apps. You can also download the photos below and share them on social media to ask for donations. 

How to track your distance

How to track your distance

Shareable image

Shareable image

Shareable image

Shareable image

Shareable image

Shareable image

Poster for your fundraising event

Poster for your fundraising event

Fundraising guide

Fundraising guide


It's competition time!

We have heaps of prizes to giveaway to the top fundraisers this year. Everyone has the chance to win something- there are plenty of spot prizes!

The first 100 people to sign up and buy merch will recieve a complimentary Whittaker's hokey pokey chocolate bar in their pack of awesome products.

The first individual fundraiser to raise $1,000 will win a Red Cross Pursuit Pro First Aid Kit worth $252.54.

Top team on the leaderboard will win an incredible tasting experience at the Comvita Wellness Lab at the Auckland Viaduct for eight people, valued at $1,000! 

Top individual on the leaderboard will win an 'Oriental at its best' experience for two people in Wellington with accommodation and sailing on a Bavarian yacht, valued at $500.


Photo competition on social media #redcrossjourney: We have 20 limited edition Red Cross Journey KeepCups to giveaway to the best photos on social media. That is a 1 in 10 chance of winning! The more photos you post of you on your journey, the more chance you have of winning. You can post on Facebook or Instagram- extra points for also posting on our Facebook event page!

All competitions will close Saturday 31 July, you will be emailed after the closing date if you are a winner. Good luck everyone!

Everything you need to know about fundraising!

How do I increase my fundraising? 

There are so many creative and fun ways you can fundraise.  For more Hints and Tips, you can download our easy guide to help you.

Bake sale - hold a bake sale at work or school to get some extras dollars to help people in need.

Quiz night - you can organise your own quiz night with your community.

Movie fundraiser - most cinemas have the option to host a fundraiser movie night.

Famliy fun - get the family and pets involved - take your dog (or cat!) on your walks with you and snap a photo!

How do I start?

Ask your friends, wh?nau and colleagues to sponsor you! Share photos on social media as you go, and make sure you start with these four simple tips:

Tip #1: Get ready - stand out from the crowd and update your fundraising page with a good quality photo

Tip #2: Lead the way - be the first to donate to yourself  

Tip #3: Spread the word - share your page through word of mouth, social media, email or phone

Tip #4: Share Red Cross Journey on social media. You can also include our hashtag #redcrossjourney