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Join Red Cross Journey as a school team!

Learn about global and local events, and get to know real people who have been affected by disaster or conflict. It’s free to join – all you need is a team captain to sign you up (can be a teacher or student). You can have as many team members as you like, and choose if you want one profile page for each student, or one for each class room. A curriculum-friendly study guide has been created just for school teams, complete with discussion exercises, pop quizzes and essay questions. Get in touch and your local Red Cross coordinator can visit your school to tell you all about it!

Get in touch with us for your curriculum-friendly pack. Check out how Muritai School joined the journey last year!

What is the Red Cross Journey School Study Guide?

The School Study Guide has been developed this year for students to use throughout Red Cross Journey. These resources have been created to assist learning during Red Cross Journey but to also raise awareness about other people in need, encourage students to promote humanitarian action and to develop an attitude of empathy resulting in a culture of peace and non-violence.

The resources look at the global migration crisis and the challenges people face who have experienced this. All resources relate to the global migration crisis, included in the pack are; discussion exercises, pop quizzes, essay questions and comprehension tasks. Red Cross Journey study guide is aimed at years 4 through to year 13 secondary. These resources can be adapted to your year group level and class. There are suggestions for modifiers throughout.

Get a copy for your school! Please contact us on Find out about a Red Cross peron coming to speak to your schoo group about the work of Red Cross in Aotearoa New Zealand and all over the globe. Please note this is depenant on region, however an online option may be avaible for your school. 

Why fundraise for Red Cross?

Your fundraising efforts ensures help gets to people who need it most, both at home and around the world. Services we provide for people at home in New Zealand include; help for people who need it such as the elderly or socially isolated with meals on wheels and community transport programmes, we provide support for resettled refugees in New Zealand and deliver first aid in schools. Around the world, we help people affected by natural disasters, conflict, famine and disease. Many of our services don’t receive government funding so we rely on the generosity of people like you and your networks in order to run our programmes.

Whether you have a group of seasoned pros or eager first-time fundraisers, it can seem daunting but don’t worry, below you’ll find some handy tips to get you on your way. As this is a peer-to-peer fundraising event you will find that people will donate to support your group, so encourage your group to share this challenge and the journey that you’re following with friends, family, teachers and classmates. Just remember, set a fundraising goal that is SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) for you.

Keep it social

Use your social media platforms to help raise awareness and raise money for your journey.

Social media suggestions:

  • Instagram! Upload our template for your Instagram and post it to raise awareness of what you are doing and how people can support you by donating to your fundraising page.
  • Upload your own stories on your Instagram while you’re completing Red Cross Journey to engage your followers, show them what you’re doing and tag #redcrossjourney and inform them on where they can go to support you.
  • Facebook! Post our template through a status or as your profile or cover picture throughout the Red Cross Journey and show your friends and family you’re stepping up.
  • Text or Email! Text or Email your friends and family using our template or your own, to explain what you are doing for Red Cross journey and make them aware of the ways they can support you.
  • Tweet! Tweet our template on your Twitter page to raise awareness of what you’re doing and how people can help.
  • Be active on your social media’s during the journey, regularly update your family and friends so they know your commitment to your worthy cause Red Cross Journey. If you regularly show your family and friends what you are doing, they will be engaging with your activity and therefore, are likely to support you in some way shape or form.

For more information download the school flyer here

Quick tips for school teams to get the steps up!

  • Take your parent or caregiver on an adventure! Explore your local surroundings, but don’t get lost!
  • Hit the playground, the skate park or the field and get moving with your friends
  • Join a team! See what sports teams or clubs your school or local community has to offer
  • Use physical activity as a homework break- a good way to boost energy for studying
  • Make it a competition! Ask your friends to challenge you to something active. A running race? A cartwheel competition? Tree Climbing race?
  • Have some activities ready for rainy days. Maybe you could head to an indoor tramp park, go rock-climbing, or set up an obstacle course in your own house!